Our Business

We are putting green
hydrogen on the road

Established in 2022, HydroExceed is a spin-off from APEX Energy GmbH, a developer and provider of intricate hydrogen infrastructure solutions. In light of global and international hydrogen strategies, HydroExceed aims to elevate the storage of hydrogen — a crucial component for the efficient use of energy within hydrogen — to an industrially viable level.


Products & Projects

Hydrogen pressure storage

Collaborating with a partner and Fraunhofer IGP in Rostock, HydroExceed has brought to market a modern, large-volume, low-pressure hydrogen pressure storage system that employs Type-IV technology. The certified 20-foot storage systems have been successfully utilized at APEX Energy’s hydrogen hub for several years.

Simulation software

Our proprietary simulation software allows for the modeling of intricate hydrogen systems, accurately capturing real-world processes and workflows. This powerful tool can even generate forecasts and application scenarios that span up to 40 years into the future. Leveraging this capability, we can tailor the individual components of a hydrogen system to the unique needs of each client, providing an optimally integrated system solution.

Research cooperations

We didn’t reinvent hydrogen, but we did revolutionize mobile hydrogen storage technologies for safe transport and easy handling. This innovation has been made possible through our various collaborations with prestigious German research institutions, where expertise comes together as equals

Our Goal

Safety, efficiency and applicability of hydrogen storage

We are dedicated to safe and easy storage of hydrogen and easy industrial use of hydrogen storage. We are concerned with the fulfilment of the following requirements:

  • At ambient temperature
    (-40 to +65 °C)
  • With high volumetric and
    gravimetric energy density
  • Short refuelling times
  • High operational safety
  • Appropriate system life span


The market potential for green hydrogen

The global demand for hydrogen is projected to surge to approximately 210 million megatons (Mt) by 2030.

We anticipate a hydrogen market volume of 14.1 billion euros for Europe alone, distributed across 5.2 billion euros in the stationary fuel tank sector, 5.3 billion euros in stationary storage, 0.017 billion euros in regional transport, and 3.5 billion euros allocated to innovative transport solutions.

Market potential

Net zero scenario


From hydrogen storage manufacturing
to series production

At our company location in Rostock-Laage, we’re constructing a highly scalable production line within our hydrogen hub for manufacturing hydrogen pressure gas storage units. This facility will cater to both individual custom orders, embodying our ‘Factory as the Product’ philosophy, and regular series production. Clients can adapt our production line design for their own production of hydrogen storage solutions following our models, enabling ‘Remote Factory Management.’ The entire production process is digitalized for maximum transparency and thorough cost control.


Setting up the technical center

  • Design, calculation and planning of the new serial production


Implementation phase

  • Setup of small-scale production for the manufacture of 300 containers/month


Serial production

  • Product portfolio expansion and gradual expansion of production capacities to 50,000 containers/year


Factory as product

  • Development of new designs, fast certification and agile market reaction


A team of hydrogen enthusiasts

Our management team – spanning executive leadership, research & development, and tank production – comprises hydrogen and industry experts who have brought their wealth of expertise to APEX HydroExceed. Their collective experience includes notable tenures at institutions such as the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Airbus, Daimler, and Bombardier.

Managing Director

Dr. Peter Sponholz

Managing Director

Peter Rößner

Head of Quality Management

Jan-Ingmar Kieser

Head of Development

Martin Hoffmann

Head of Production and Supply Chain

Jure Kobal

Head of Software Development

Fabian Wimmer