Climate-neutral and universally applicable: Green hydrogen is the global key to the energy transition. We take it where it is needed – safely and efficiently.

In order for green hydrogen to be available anytime, anywhere, it needs to be storable and transportable, all while maximizing storage efficiency, profitability, and safety.

That’s precisely our business: we produce hydrogen pressure storage systems employing the most advanced technologies. We understand that each application area presents unique challenges and demands tailored storage solutions. With several years of experience, HydroExceed specializes in developing both stationary and transportable hydrogen storage, as well as storage solutions for mobile applications.


We are revolutionizing the hydrogen storage market.

Our expectations for hydrogen storage solutions are high: durability,
safe handling, easy transport, and superior permeation properties,
all alongside high energy efficiency. It’s not magic—it’s the science of plastics.
Discover our innovative Type-IV pressure gas storage systems.

Areas of Application

Solutions for stationary use, transport and mobility.

Whether in industry, energy sector, building management or transport: We have a hydrogen storage solution in our portfolio for your application area, one that takes into account the complex conditions and not only meets but defines and surpasses technical standards.

research and development

Research is our innovation accelerator.

From foundational research to the applied, interdisciplinary development of market-ready prototypes, HydroExceed collaborates with partners such as the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis (LIKAT), the University of Rostock, Fraunhofer IGP, among others. Even our management team is composed of seasoned researchers who confidently guide our projects.


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