Our Mission

Affordable instead of unaffordable,
efficient instead of inefficient

HydroExceed is dedicated to developing hydrogen storage solutions that are user-friendly, transportable, energy-efficient, and versatile for many applications.

Our hydrogen storage units are compliant with the EU directive 2014/68/EU (PED: Pressure Equipment Directive) for stationary usage. It’s our aim to meet the requirements of the EU directive 2010/35/EU for Transportable Pressure Equipment (TPED) with our transportable hydrogen storage solutions in the future.

Application fields of Type IV tanks

Hydrogen storage

  • Stationary mass storage

Vehicle integration

  • Mobility

Single tanks

  • Mobility

Innovative Hydrogen Carriers

  • Overseas Transportation
  • Fuel Storage on Ships

Storage Containers

  • Regional Storage
  • Transport

HydroExceed’s hydrogen storage

mobile hydrogen applications

pressure gas storage
and systems

Specifications (selection):

  • Hydrogen single tank: 14 kg H2 at 500 bar (15 °C)
  • Hydrogen Container: 510 kg H2 at 500 bar (15 °C)
  • Energy content/single storage: 470 kWh
  • Capacity/single storage: 430 l

We are also developing a 500-bar tank that, when used in a composite system, can transport 500 kg of hydrogen in a 20-foot container. With the prospective approval based on TPED and Hazardous Goods Legislation ADR/ADN, we foresee substantial market potential, particularly for use in inland waterway vessels as tank systems or for stationary storage buffers at power plants or fuel stations.

Customised design of hydrogen systems


Simulation software for
hydrogen systems


  • Modeling of complex hydrogen systems
  • Incorporation of long-term forecasts (40 years)
  • Setting up a practice-oriented test environment
  • Identification of potential errors for optimal operation

Hy.Si.M is a powerful simulation tool, uniquely crafted to model complex hydrogen systems. It functions as a pivotal instrument for designing, calculating, analyzing, and improving both new and existing hydrogen energy systems. Through precise mathematical modeling, Hy.Si.M can simulate the performance of hydrogen system components under various physical conditions. The platform, which emphasizes adaptability and accuracy, underlines the synergy of hydrogen and renewable energy, providing in-depth insights into future-oriented energy systems. Furthermore, Hy.Si.M serves as an effective tool to assess and optimize control strategies. Its realistic emulation of processes and workflows establishes a practical testing environment, facilitating the identification of error sources, the enhancement of system efficiencies, and the reduction of costs. In addition to these features, Hy.Si.M allows for individual adjustment of model parameters, resulting in highly detailed, calibrated models that cater to specific system needs. This software also simulates system behavior over a 40-year period, taking into account a range of weather conditions and external influences, thereby delivering reliable results for improved decision-making. With Hy.Si.M, the future of energy systems is within reach, today.